Walker Woodcraft

Tim Walker has been building quality solid wood shadow boxes, flag cases, and retirement awards for over 25 years. Pick your style, wood type, and layout.

Type AType B  

Type A                                                   Type B

Corner ACorner B

Corner A                                                            Corner B

Octogon            Ship's  Wheel

Octogon                                                                        Ship's Wheel

ChestGlass Top

Chest                                                                   Glass Top

Displays with Memorabilia storage

Flag with Cert
Flag with Certificate

Prices are for Oak. Includes layout and assembly. Other wood choices are available. Custom designs by request.

Corner A & B              $125.00

Flag W/Cert                 $125.00

Type A & B                 $150.00

Octogon                       $175.00

Ships Wheel                 $250.00

Chest                           $250.00

Glass Top                    $175.00   Plus $30.00 for each drawer.

Contact Tim Walker with any questions. 904 305 7865 tmwalker@Bellsouth.net